How to Read News on Kindle

Capt. Michael
2 min readApr 28, 2024 is an ideal choice for Kindle users who, like me, love to read news. It’s open, automatic, and easy to use.


News on Kindle is open to everyone. Although there are two levels of premium usage, most services are available to free users. The OPEN that I would like to explain more here is that any user is able to submit media channels that they wish to subscribe to and read their news content on Kindles on time.

At the bottom of the channel list on the home page. There’s a hint for users who haven’t figured out which channels they prefer. No problem, then click on the link next to it that says ‘Click here and submit more’, paste the RSS link of the media channel into the input box labeled ‘RSS Url’, and then click anywhere outside that input box. Once the RSS URL is successfully parsed by this system, the contents of the other 2 or 3 input boxes will be filled in automatically. Sometimes the description will be empty if the website doesn’t provide it, but that doesn’t matter, you can also share your own.


Once you set up your Send to Kindle email, you can receive the newspaper on your Kindle every day without any other transit or transformation operations. News on Kindle sets a random distribution time for each new user, which you can change if you want, like before your morning coffee or after work. Under the Preference tab of Settings, it’s pretty easy to make a change.

Easy to Use

Yes, the whole website is very simple. People can find or submit media channels on it, subscribe to them, and then, read them on their lovely Kindles.


There’s an input box for sending a single web page to your Kindle. It’s at the top of the home page. Paste, enter, and receive, as simple as breathing.

Well then, enjoy!



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