Is this future of TV drama?

I had a very long dream last night, and it was so real that I couldn’t realize I was just in a dream. Once I woke up, I recalled it and thought it might be the future of TV drama. OK, let’s go through it briefly and hope it’s enjoyable.

It’s a dusty and poor village, and I live there temporarily. As a visitor, I don’t have any work to do. I can read books, watch TV or visit others’, but I prefer to wander in this small village and see people’s routine work and life.

I wandered and tried to find out someone at the same age whom I would like to do some small talk. Some houses were empty, maybe they were all out for work, and some people were resting in their home and seemed bored. Suddenly, two sedans came from my back and stopped just in front of me, some guys got off, and none of them I knew except Gustavo Fring, yes, the Gus in Better Call Saul. It was a big surprise, why did he come here, and what was he going to do? I was stunned there. Gus was calm as always and didn’t see me as a stranger, and he sent those guys to prepare an ambush. Every two guys a team, hide somewhere besides the main road. He asked me to be a partner with the sniper, but he set no target for me. I can do anything except ruin the sniper’s job, but I chose to watch.

After this, Gus drove back. The sniper led me to the top of a small hill, I watched each of our gangsters by binoculars and tried to find if Saul, Mike were there, but the answer was negative. A black car came to us fast with dust behind. The sniper loaded his rifle, and in the meantime, I saw every other gangster take out a pistol and prepare for fire silently, but I had no weapon, WTF?! When the car was very close to us, the sniper shot one of its front wheels, driver and passengers got off, our men rushed up, then both sides fought by fists. I didn’t punch anyone, and actually, no one even noticed I was right there. So, while fighting, I can easily walk among them, observe every detail I want, watch everyone from any viewpoint I prefer.

I didn’t feel any danger as nobody would like to attack me at any time, and I knew I was not in a VR game, all of these guys are real human beings, but I don’t understand why things go like this. I woke up while I was trying to find a dropped gun, then let’s go back to the beginning of this very post, that I felt this dream is so realistic and seems it has some hidden inspiration.



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